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Customer Delivery Center

Achieving great results via extreme collaboration and Team Work.

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The future is here! Breakthrough in the education ecosystem!

We offer wide range of services in the education space. It aims at providing the ease of recruitment
to schools through strategic intervention of technology, where the institutions can reach out to the best teachers.

About Us

iFocus Systec specializes in assisting companies with faster and more efficient “Faster to market” strategies and helps in driving down the operational cost with aberrant Product Engineering and Quality Assurance Services across industries that include- HealthCare, VOD & OTT, Communications, Media, Entertainment, Digital Mobility and Transportation etc.  

Founded in 2007, iFocus has grown phenomenally to become a pioneer in the Field of Information Technology. With its headquarters in Bangalore, It has its branch in UK with over 200 Employees. Over the years, our team has helped develop, test, execute and manage business critical IT Infrastructure and provide content, communication, collaboration testing and enterprise intelligence. We also manage and regulate the services of our clients by providing Customer Delivery Centres. 

With all the experience and purposeful efforts, iFocus Systec has emerged to become an  ISO 9001:2008 certified organization that has qualified technology and management professionals, well trained with the latest industry standard practices and processes. The company offers several flexible delivery models, customized to suit specific requirements of the clients. We, at iFocus Systec believe in synergy and teamwork and our main focus is to create unique solutions that bring measurable benefits and a competitive advantage to the business operations of our clients. 

We believe that every business, every product, and every customer is unique and different– so are our ideas, products and services. We leave no stone unturned to help our clients get the best services at nonpareil prices. 

We, as a team are dedicated to our services, And with all sincerity, work with the locution, “Committed to excellence | passion to Deliver” 

Our Journey

  • Company's Inception

    iFocus was founded in 2007 by a group of like-minded professionals with rich experience in technology space. It was started with a vision to establish the company as a one-stop solution for all the IT requirements. With this in mind, our main objective was to provide the best and top quality services in the quickest and most cost-effective way.

    Top notch services being the main objective, our experienced professionals used the robust technologies to ensure the products go with the trend.

  • Into Media & Entertainment

    Yes, we started to grow! 2009 is when we reached the employee strength of 50, and this doubled our confidence as a firm in reaching greater heights. In 2010, iFocus made its first association with a Japanese Consumer and Professional Electronic Company, which is a front-runner in Media and Entertainment domain.

    We started managing the services of leading organizations in the Media and Entertainment domain, which made us a preferred choice for most of the companies.

  • Started Servicing Healthcare Organizations

    iFocus grew even more, and the team strength reached 100 by 2012. This gave us an uplift to explore our capabilities more and more. And the result - our debut into Healthcare domain. We started servicing one of the world’s leading technology companies, with primary divisions focused on the areas of Lighting, Electronics and Healthcare.

    We got associated with major Healthcare companies with the motive to make world a healthier place by providing quality services.

  • Started our first Managed Services Project

    Within a span of few years, we reached the milestone of 200 employees and also got ISO 9001: 2008 Certification. 2015 is the year we got a major breakthrough for our journey, wherein we got our first Managed Services project from Dabkick, Silicon Valley, US - the first Mobile App Company to promote group sharing of entertainment and experience.

    Since then, we’ve been associated with numerous Managed Services projects, providing sterling services as ever.

  • Major Breakthrough in Healthcare Domain

    We were already a well-known name by 2016, and we started getting numerous Managed Services projects from leading names in the Health care domain, for which we provided our services through our Offshore Delivery Centers (ODC).

    Ever since we entered into Health care domain, we’ve been associated with numerous clients, offering quality solutions that provide relevant data and help the end users make informed decisions.

  • On Our Way To Set More Milestones

    Having provided our services to clients from Retail, Security, Media & Entertainment, Health Care and various other domains, we’ve been a front runner in the IT Industry for a few years now.

    Our experience in diverse domains has made us very optimistic, and very soon, iFocus will be a CMMI Level 3, ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

Our Vision

Our vision is to establish iFocus as a company recognized for distinct software products that reflect cutting-edge engineering and deliver superior value and functionality to our customers. We also envision iFocus as a place of work that fosters innovation and out-of-the-box thinking, attracting the best talent in the industry.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer innovative software services that address complex business challenges enabling our customers to succeed in their marketplace.

Our Values

Enforce Quality

Smart ideas and engineering contribute to great performing products and these can deliver value only if we ensure quality. We work to ascertain quality at every stage and do not believe in taking shortcuts for short-term gains.

Outcome Oriented

Our end objective is to solve customer challenges in the quickest and the most-cost effective way.


Not all effective solutions are time-tested. We are committed to breaking new ground and think out-of-the-box to address specific challenges.

Open Culture

Great products are built only when people share ideas, receive inputs, and exchange views. We work towards a vibrant and open environment that fosters creativity and productivity.

Why Choose Us

Agility and Alignment

Technology Focus

As a strongly technology-oriented company, we enable organizations to analyse, build, test, and deliver and support certified integrated solutions to the customers. iFocus’ technology services include Regional Distribution, Product Training, Development of tools and plugins, Accelerators, DevOps Implementation, etc.

Value Added Services

We value our customers’ opinions and decisions by providing them with the best Incremental improvement, Breakthrough transformation, Efficiency gain, Cost effectiveness, Maximum delivery performance and Heightened customer satisfaction.


 As it is true for any knowledge-driven organization, our People are our real Assets. We have attracted the best of talent and encourage them to update themselves with the latest technologies, tools, practices and certifications towards achieving excellence in their careers.

Strong Talent Acquisition

Our strong talent acquisition team has the ability to identify niche profiles with the required experience and skill sets within 30 days, ensuring effective project management.

Predictable Outcomes

We realize the impact our solution would have in the customer environment, their stakes in terms cost and time and their expectations from our offering. Our SMEs engage customers’ right from scope definition to arrive at a detailed estimation and define processes & methodologies depending on the demands of the project.

People's Talk

Gopal Panchanathan

DabKick, Silicon Valley, California, U.S.A

At DabKick, Inc., based in Silicon Valley, California, we have come to rely on the excellent support made possible by iFocus for the development and test of our flagship Android app “DabKick” which is now increasingly popular with mobile users. The flexibility and responsiveness of our iFocus representative has been particularly helpful in creating a productive and collaborative effort between our companies, which in turn has allowed us to launch a highly acclaimed app in record time. Thank you, iFocus!

VP - Embedded and Digital Software

A US Based product company

iFocus has become indispensible in ourproduct realization process.


Toadways, COO and Product Head

Focus has demonstrated extreme collaboration and willingness to enable a successful development environment, the team dedicated for our product ‘toadways’, Great teamwork and going the extra mile while ensuring our priorities and quality.

Rahul Gupta

ifocus Employee

Quality work, great environment and learning opportunities are the reasons why I chose to work with iFocus.


ifocus Employee

It’s been 4+ years that I have been working in iFocus and it has proved to be a great experience for me.

Manjunath M

ifocus Employee

Since joining IFOCUS SYSTEC, I have had an excellent professional journey from an Associate to a Senior Test Engineer.

Chinmaya Bairy

ifocus Employee

iFocus Systec has always given me opportunities to grow and take complete ownership of the work I do.

Nishi Prasad

ifocus Employee

IFocus Systec provides the strategic sourcing and subject matter expertise necessary to tackle a variety of complex categories/projects.


ifocus Employee

Giving the Right Opportunities for Our Might is what iFocus Systec is all about.

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