Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progressWorking together is success
About iFocus Systec
Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progressWorking together is success
A Short Introduction On iFocus.
iFocus Systec(India) pvt ltd

We have shaped our own unique identity by always adopting and implementing the most affirmative and positive trends available in the market, which is done intelligently, as well as holistically. Our ‘Faster to Market’ strategies have given us an unparalleled edge not just in terms of differentiating between our most immediate competitors, but also with respect to Application Development, Product Engineering and extreme Quality Assurance across all possible concerns that we currently possess.

Setting the bar since 2007.

Since the first launch of the company under most humble circumstances in 2007, we can verily claim that our growth has been continuous and phenomenal since then. We are currently headquartered in Bengaluru, and currently employ over 300 employees both across the main place, as well as with our branch located in the UK. Over time, our dynamic teams have brought new benchmarks across development, testing, execution and innovation over numerous IT Infrastructures, and our innate understanding has allowed for multiple cases of collaboration, partnership and transactions that can only be imagined. Our different and expertise over a variety of business perspective needs have also set up from the rest of the pack.

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Your Go-To organization for ISO 9001:2015 and CMMI Level/3 Dev Organization

iFocus Systec has passed upon being just considered as an extremely efficient and infallible business entity in terms of quality and guarantee of the work that has to be done. It places us much higher than most other entities in the market, and you shall know exactly become aware that you’ll be getting your complete money’s worth while you’re seeking our services in accordance with your protracted business needs and requirements.

Our Vision

Our vision is to establish iFocus as a company recognized for distinct software products that reflect cutting-edge engineering and deliver superior value and functionality to our customers. We also envision iFocus as a place of work that fosters innovation and out-of-the-box thinking, attracting the best talent in the industry.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer innovative software services that address complex business challenges enabling our customers to succeed in their marketplace.

Our Values
Enforce Quality

Smart ideas & engineering contribute to great products & can deliver value only if we ensure quality. We work to ascertain quality at every stage.

Outcome Oriented

Our end objective is to solve customer challenges in the quickest and the most-cost effective way. We belive faster to market concept.


Not all effective solutions are time-tested. We are committed to breaking new ground and think out-of-the-box to address specific challenges.

Open Culture

Great products are built only when people share ideas, receive inputs, & exchange views. We work towards a open environment that fosters creativity & productivity.

Why Choose Us
Agility and Alignment

Our technological and outcome oriented approach speaks volumes exactly how we tackle and bring out the most possible results. Our planning, in case of any work, reflects full investment in understanding the customer requirements in full, and the role-based curricula, which are targeted fully for the customer in finishing the work under best possible circumstances.

Focus on Technology

Being technology-oriented company, our main strength comes from the way we are able to analyze, develop, test and deliver solutions that are certified to work for our customers exceptionally. These technological focus include Regional Distribution, Product Training, Tools and Plugins Development, DevOps Implementation etc.

Value Added Services

We stringently highlight our customers’ opinions and views in terms of all work that we actually perform. This allows for incremental improvement, breakthroughs, efficiency increase, cost effectiveness, best delivery state and a high benchmarked customer satisfaction level.


It’s extremely true that iFocus Systec is what it is today because of its employees, every one of whom has had something to contribute in terms of whatever quality factor they are promoting and supporting. The very best talents and the ones we have made remain as testaments to our dedication in fully depending upon the most effective teams that can help reach our very own, as well as clients’ business goals.

Acquisitioning Talent like no other

Part of our main success has been due to the company management who have been able to acquire the best and most able talents from all across the industry to serve across various concerns that we have undertaken. Our benchmarking spreads across every particular juncture, and facilitates nothing but the utmost maintenance of capabilities and effectiveness.


It’s not like iFocus Systec has a bunch of leaders who work in a bubble with no regard or concern for others. We exceptionally try setting up examples among all our current leaders with values of innovation and pioneering in driving the technological sector forward. By working together, or by our individual selves, we try in effectively raising the passionate culture, which makes all our objectives and visions real.

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Mobile Application
Retail and Manufacturing
Media and Entertainment
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