Business Process Modeling

Our expertized business process models help our clients restructure the process and information flow using the standard UML (Unified Modelling Language) and BPMN (Business Process Modelling and Notation).

Basic Components of Business Process Modelling

  • Process-The overall workflow from a starting point to its successful completion.
  • Tasks or Activities-Something performed by a person or a system.
  • Flow-This is indicated on the process map by connecting lines and arrows.
  • Events-These are triggers that cause a process to begin, end, or may redirect a process to a different path.
  • Gateways-Decisions that can change the path of the process depending on conditions or events.
  • Participants-Specifically naming the people or systems that perform the tasks or activities.

Our purpose of Business process modelling for our clients is to improve and optimize. This often can't be done in a single step, but rather follows a cycle of observations, modelling, implementing changes, and monitoring.

We, at iFocus, also provide visual dash-boarding services which include developing customer dashboards and maintaining them. Our committed dash-boarding services cover areas like Sales, Revenue and Big Data.

We are devoted to bridge the gap between business processes that can be read and understood by business analysts, business stakeholders and technical teams.

Our team helps in eradicating all types of ambiguity by providing clear, cohesive, comprehensive and complete services and creating an unambiguous and efficient data flow.