Data Analytics

Key Features

  • Digital Playgrounds
  • Integrated Big Data Analytics & API Gateway
  • Deep Data Analysis - No Data Warehousing
  • Visual collaboration

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iFocus Systec uses its proficiency to provide qualitative and quantitative techniques which help to enhance comprehensive productivity, business profit, growth and technical dexterity.

Following are certain common pain points that the customers usually face in the field of Data Analytics

  • • The Data tends to be too big, heavy and sometimes too slow.
  • • Reliance on Hadoop, Impala, Hbase etc. for solving big Data problems.
  • • Being dependant on traditional relational DBs or In-Memory systems.
  • • The need of predictive modelling for Data scientists.
  • • The Fact that most Leading BIs are at least 5 years old, hence failing to leverage advancements in technology.
  • • The dependency on data warehousing; cannot fit in Mobile.

iFocus Descriptive Big Data Analytics Solution

  • Digital Playgrounds: – Playgrounds allow visual interaction to discover the hidden patterns or insights.
    • • One Click Playground- allows the AI to create playgrounds automatically; NLP & self-learning dashboards.
    • • Live Playgrounds- allows sharing data through REST and JSON based APIs.
    • • Email playgrounds- allow scheduling playgrounds to be sent as emails, just by a click.
    • • Fast and lightweight - It offers extremely fast and lightweight playgrounds with a response time of less than 10 seconds.
  • Integrated Big Data Analytics- With experience and algorithmic capability, it plays an essential role in providing resourceful and intelligent solutions to our clients.
  • API Gateway- This helps in defining the rate and size limits.
  • Deep Data Analysis- It offers new age Business Intelligence which is able to answer the deep questions of clients, maintaining simplicity of analysis.
  • No Data Warehousing- Promotes extremely fast storage of data and allows real time aggregations in large data.
  • Visual collaboration- With the help of integrated platforms, collaborates with teams visually and shares insights