DevOps Consultancy

Key Features

  • Continuous Delivery
  • Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Testing

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The primary focus of iFocus Systec is to accurately meet the customer needs. It’s essential that people believe in the shared goal and work cohesively to achieve it.

We, at iFocus Systec specialize in customizing and integrating tools to help improve the efficiency of your development processes and tools to help you focus on effectiveness of your deliverables.

Our empirical approach relies on experiencing your current processes and then empowering you with the right processes and tools to continuously improve. The focus is towards continuous Delivery, continuous Integration and Continuous Testing.

Our proven methodologies enable end to end lifecycle automation with best practice toolset both licensed and open source, the right blend to achieve the most efficient CI/CD process that enables Faster time to market strategies and expectations. After all, DevOps is not only process and tools, it’s a gamut of behaviour, culture and mind-set to collaborate, be cohesive, and achieve multi skill capability and staying nimble through entire lifecycle of product development.

It’s not only about bringing Skill, capability, culture and mind-set together, but it is about having to create an automation blueprint that can make this occur repetitively driving continual improvement through many iterations that elevate your DevOps maturity process.