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In this technologically driven world of today, it becomes greatly important to describe and present, the level and nature of expertise any service or product provider may actually provide. For iFocus Systec, the entire definition of expertise can be defined in terms of knowledge, capabilities and competence that the company has acquired through its experience of serving various clients and partners who protractedly sought out their services. It has allowed for the proliferation of optimization, cost reduction, risk management, improving customer experience and other various factors that all our clients tend to value through our work and accomplishments. We have essentially raised the expectations, and have had a storied history in terms of strategically transform the expertise, and present in terms of business concerns. This has helped us in our exceptional performance, and benchmarking, which we have set out for ourselves.

The Key Areas of Expertise for iFocus Systec include

We have a storied history with businesses that provide healthcare, or make the availability of the same for the general population under different perspectives. The challenges in regulation, or addressing other technological barriers have made us the best partners you could possibly hope for across the board. Better patient care, overall dissemination of health for population, as well as reduction of per-capita healthcare costs reduction are some of our proudest achievements across the board. We also facilitate in streamlining operational considerations and other inefficiencies, practically allowing for innovative capabilities and modern capacities for customer engagement. Being completely aware of what you may want, our services extend far beyond normal capacities offering process outsourcing, consulting and other infrastructure services.


Our solutions have proved to drive optimized versions of thousands of OTT implementations, especially across multimedia communication domains, which has contributed greatly to our expertise in the software-field of various products. The video delivery services with OTT have been tackled by ourselves exceptionally in the past allowing for multiple and effective implementation of video playback across a plethora of modern viewing devices and installations. iFocusSystec has also developed itself to serve best in network and cloud domains accordingly.

Game Testing

iFocusSystec offers exceptional services in terms of presenting an effective and attractive game product. Particularly, our testing department has set a benchmark by which every possible aspect of the game is explored, and tested with the most advanced resources we have currently at our own disposal. With the addition of essential knowledge, you can rest assured that our testing steps are best enhanced when they are actually testing the game by playing them under holistic conditions


iFocusSystec is quite effectively the most affirmative and efficient ‘one stop’ solution in realizing the full extent so that there is only the most ambitious and conceptual enterprise realization of web based applications. Our end-to-end CMS services are completely advanced with respect to the full range possibilities in terms of implementation and application of our presented solutions. These developed software are all high quality and reflect nothing but the most efficient use of capabilities. The customized web designs we usually provide also speaks a lot about our dedication to the overall functioning, as well as how should the CMS be best utilized.


iFocusSystec works closely with their clients in terms of finding the best customized approach to interact with all possible customers, facilitating sales growth and bringing about customer retention at the same time. We tend to provide a wide range of different service facilitations in terms of making available all the necessary infrastructure, which may come in handy to the industry specificity all around. What we provision are all effectively clean and understandable in terms of when clients should make actual use of the same. They also allow for a wide range of operations, including tracking task time, billing, and specifically allocating tasks to different personnel.


Enterprise Resource Planning are effective in terms of the best protracted implementation of operation planning, administration and optimizing internal business functions. The functions might comprise manufacturing, supply chains, finance, CRM, as well as human or asset management capabilities respectively. The presentation of a single, comprehensive package for the entire ERP presentation is certainly one of our most essential and potential system results presentation. Our applications are also dynamic, which speaks a lot about the synchronizations, which may exist with the optimized running of different IT applications.