Project Details


Support for FIFA

Testing Scope: Both Manual and automation QA will be validating the following functionalities for every match.
Manual QA Scope: All Platforms-RW, Apps, Android TV, CTV, Apple TV
  • Monitor the Live stream across all the platforms. (Check for stream for VQ)

  • Validate the stream concurrency feature.

  • Metadata checks of the Match on all the platforms.

  • Validating the “Add to Calendar\Add Reminder” functionality.

  • Validating the match schedules post the match for every match. (This includes checking the score is updating, Place holder cards are updating etc)

  • Validating the highlights and Full match replay VOD contents generated out of the match.

  • Stand by on all 64 matches.

  • Validating the Playback of the short-form content across categories and multiple platforms during the in-game.

Automation QA Scope: High–Level Sanity on the Responsive Web, Mobile Responsive Web, and Mobile Apps.
  • Validating the onboarding scenarios.

  • Playback checks of the Match.

  • Metadata checks of the Match.

  • Validating the Favorite Team functionality

  • Validating all the entry points to the FIFA World cup landing page.

  • Validating all the entry points to the FIFA world cup subscription page. (RW, MRW)

  • Validating the world cup schedules and Results page.

The customer praised the iFocus team's efforts and dedication during the FIFA tournament, and iFocus team assisted the client in achieving a few successes.
  • Greater Video Views generated than others.

  • Highest number of concurrent users registered for the live stream.

  • App-Recorded Unique Video Viewers Compared to Others.

  • Compared to the OTT offering, our client's video performance and latency were superior.

  • Stream monitoring and quality assurance support were exceptional.