Customer Delivery Center

Fully Managed Product and Project delivery services from well-equipped, State-Of-the-Art offshore delivery centres is the passion of iFocus delivery and senior management teams. iFocus adheres to customer defined KPIs and SLA’s around Quality, cost and time, and pledges to outcome based delivery. We truly aim to be partners with our clients enabling their uncompromising Quality management, faster time to market and cost-saving objectives.

Recognising Client Needs

  • Higher Product Quality
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Predictability
  • Cost Effective Tooling
  • Security
  • Bundled Services
  • Speed To Market

Collaborative Goals


Aristotle had rightly said “quality is not an act, it’s a habit. Superior quality product delivery has been our trademark since our very inception with a valid track record of satisfied customers across the globe as we provide standard quality services which meets the expectations. We at IFocus don’t just believe in giving mere services to our valuable customers but rather go an extra mile in delivering the best cause quality is not just a promise but an outcome.

Time to Market

In contemporary times the word “immediately” has become a synonym of time. Time is a valuable resource which if used with caution gives the best outcome. Our team understands the value of the customer’s time and our focussed team gives you the pleasure of delivery ahead of time and it is a trait that we pride in because at IFocus, waiting is never an option.

Low Cost

Many a times a lot of time is wasted over marketing without achieving the expected output. To get an edge over others in marketing one should have an excellent strategy, creativity and experience. Use of optimized QA strategy and labour arbitrage guarantees lower testing cost hence leading to reduced time to market. Our Market-Driven Approach ensures best response of the product we deliver.

How We See It


       Resources Ramp Up - Volume and Skill
       Cross Skilled Workforce


       Time To Results
       Time To Value


       Lean Process
       Low Risk


       Proactive & Assertive
       Accountable & Flexible


       Cost Efficacy


       DashBoards and Score Card
       Continuous Improvements

OffShore Delivery Center

Removing the constraints

Our methodology recommends four areas

  • Adapt and address to client culture
  • Reduce process latency
  • Increase automation
  • Increase visibility

Establish Customer Factory

Achieving the BIG4 through extreme Customer collaboration

Lean Process

  • Leveraged Delivery
  • DevOps and Agile
  • GxP Tailored Process Framework


  • Machine Learning
  • Predictive
  • Preventive


  • Client Co-Innovation
  • Crowdsourcing
  • Innovation Culture


  • Technology Accelerators
  • Custom Launchpads

Analytics based Quality Enhancement

iFocus Systec implements the analytics based quality enhacement in order to encourage a cycle of continuous improvement and to support the alignment of resources. This helps to evaluate the performance and output the best results.

  • Implement a closed feedback loop for continuous improvement
  • In alignment to CMMI level 5 agenda
  • Adaptive process automation
  • Preventive maintenance