Quality Assurance Services

Key Features

  • Functional and Automation
  • Performance and Network
  • Device and Game
  • Mobile Application and Security
  • Test Consultancy

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The quality of any product depends on how good it works and stands the test of time. Testing is the most crucial aspect of Software Development Life Cycle (SDCL), this is what decides the quality of a product. Quality Assurance isn’t just about detecting a few defects in the software and fixing them but it is to make an efficient product which assures hassle free user experience.

iFocus comprehends the importance of the product quality, and hence uses smart and effective testing techniques which can help customers have an efficient and reliable end product. Our quality assurance services ensure great experience to the end users with significant emphasis on performance and security.

Our testing makes sure that the end product is reliable, secure and a performer! We use all our means to ensure that your customers have a good time. As finally it is the product which is the face of any company.

Our Quality Assurance services include

iFocus has mastered the art of building quality into a product as it is our characteristic of defect prevention over defect detection. We have processes that look closely at the engineering quality during its entire lifecycle. Our objective is to bring value to our clients by achieving reduction of overall Testing effort in the SDLC by bringing in Ambiguity analysis right upfront in the lifecycle, and later achieving optimized effort optimization via Test Automation.

  • Mitigating operational Risks- IFocus offers extensive end-to-end testing services to assure reliability, enhanced performance and dynamic quality of a product.
  • Achieving accelerated Test Windows- Our automation experts possess sound knowledge of both Industry standard automation tooling and open source frameworks such as Selenium WebDriver, Appium and Rest Assured which helps clients improve software quality while bringing in strategic and significant cost-savings to the product life cycle.
  • Consulting and Advisory Services- Our Test Consulting services comprise of tool and automation advisory, assessment, audits and quality certification, etc. We provide required assistance in enhancing the quality of the product assisting the client to achieve their Quality objectives.
  • Perform to Win- We ensure optimized performance of the system through our adept load testing approach. Our performance engineers use latest powerful open source frameworks to perform Volume Testing, Stress Testing and SOAK testing.
  • Our Enemy Never Sleeps- Application Security Testing (AST) is a critical component of application security and the cornerstone of any software security initiative.

    We using the following testing methodologies to identify the threats even before it reaches our enemy:
    • • Static Application Security Testing,
    • • Software Composition Analysis,
    • • Intelligent Fuzz Testing,
    • • Interactive Application Security Testing,
    • • Dynamic Application Security Testing,
    • • Penetration Testing,
    • • Mobile Application Security Testing,
    • • Automated Test Optimization,
    • • Actionable Threat Intelligence