Service Virtualilzation

With our dedicated team of engineers, we create and deploy virtual services that simulate the behaviour of real and essential components, to deliver high-quality products to our clients on schedule, cost friendly, and completely error-free.

Our expertized Service virtualization provides an efficient and cost-effective way to accelerate the delivery of top-quality functionality. We rapidly create ”virtual assets” for dependencies ranging from mainframes, to SAP, to JDBC, to ESBs, to partner APIs, and countless services— all of which communicate via a variety of message protocols and formats. As a result, anytime, anywhere, you have access to a complete test environment.

With the right use of virtual tools, our services help in weaning off dependences on integrating apps by eliminating constraints, costs and complexity from the process of delivering enterprise software.

With the behaviour of the dependent peripherals, our virtualized testing and development proceeds without accessing the actual live components.

Service virtualization is recognized by vendors, industry analysts, and industry publications as being different than mocking.