Staff Augmentation & Management

Our employees are our assets!

The Staff Augmentation services of iFocus, put forward a reliable execution of large scale projects for our clients in the most efficient way possible. We deliver the most dedicated IT professionals that have turned our IT staffing service provider as an agreeable asset to our clients with proven experience. To ensure our clients support initiatives, improvements and to ensure smooth implementation, we work as a team of account managers, recruiters, and partner with clients. Our services balance several important industries like Healthcare, Media and Entertainment, Mobile application, Security, Retail and Manufacturing, transport, and Enterprise Information Management. Our skillful resources offer immediate and adequate response to their staffing requirements. iFocus focuses on the importance of the product quality and hence uses smart and effective testing techniques which can help customers have an efficient and reliable end product. We offer great quality assurance services that ensure great experience to our users with significant emphasis on performance and security. Our testing makes sure that the end product is failsafe, reliable and secure. We tend to use all our efforts to make sure that our customers have a quality time with our quality product, we take it to our new fair ground where every product becomes the face of the company.